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Services We Offer

Domestic And International Ticketing
Travel is a Chinese Travel agency specializing in hassle free ticketing system for domestic and international destinations.

Visa Assistance

We assist travelers applying for visas in countries such as China, USA, Canada and many more. We also provide visa assistance to continents
such as Europe, South- America and Asia.

Travel Insurance

When you travel with us, we take care of high amount risk or hassle you could face while traveling.

Amazing Tour

Family getaways, Romantic vacations, Business Meeting and much more are part of our itinerary

We offer lots of Trustworthy, reliable and well-rounded services that you deserve — that’s our commitment to ensure that your travel experience will be memorable. Our accommodating team of travel agents is guaranteed to give you exciting vacation packages that will make your tours hassle-free.

Marvel International Travel has also created a corporate department leveraging its knowledge of travel in China, to provide an all-in-one business service. we have had the pleasure of welcoming tens of thousands of happy travelers from over 80 countries all over the world. We hope to be able to welcome you and introduce you to the beautiful and fascinating region we are proud to call home.

Our Services